Home Suburbs A Brew Cruise Through New England: Sampling Beers of the New England States

A Brew Cruise Through New England: Sampling Beers of the New England States

A Brew Cruise Through New England: Sampling Beers of the New England States


Honeyspot Road IPA – Two Roads Brewing Company

With New York City a stone’s throw away it only seems natural that most people would visit the state of Connecticut for a good night out. Well, with the help of a brewery by the name of Two Roads Brewing Company, located in Stratford, CT, people are enjoying the unfiltered and wheat dominant malt background that the ‘Honeyspot Road IPA’ ( 6.0% ABV) provides.

The slightly cloudy and citrusy Pacific Northwest hops add a style and flavor that few New England breweries could ever replicate. Two Roads didn’t stop at making just one IPA, but they have created six more worthwhile brews. Favorites also including the Road to Ruin Double IPA, a session IPA known as Lil’ Heaven, and Workers Stomp Saison, which is equal to any other Saison found in New England.

Rhode Island

Captain’s Daughter DIPA – Grey Sails Brewing

Although Rhode Island is the smallest state in the Union, it still packs a punch when it comes to brewing beer. With many small local breweries spread out throughout the state, it would seem that Rhode Island is a great place to discover great beer.

And that is especially true when sipping a brew from Grey Sail Brewing of Westerly, Rhode Island. Grey Sails is now offering one of their more popular brews year round.

‘Captain’s Daughter Double IPA’ is light in color but don’t let that fool you because the 8.5% ABV can have an impact.  The strong aroma of hops is paired with a tropical and stone fruit flavor that leaves your taste buds tingling.

This isn’t the brewery’s only beer. They also offer numerous other year-round beers along with seasonal beers and even some one hit wonders. If you get to Westerly, Grey Sails Brewing is worth a visit.


Epiphany – Foundation Brewing Company

Maine is well known for lobster, beaches, and now its beer. The city of Portland is not only a great city for young adults looking for fun weekends but also a great city to visit if you LOVE beer.

Portland alone has been well known for producing breweries such as Allagash Brewing Company and Rising Tide Brewing Company but now it is home to the up and coming brewery called Foundation Brewing Company.

Nestled in an industrial park, along with at least five other breweries, Foundation is setting trends and experimenting with some pretty awesome recipes. A constant favorite, Epiphany (8% ABV), is on the rise in the local beer drinking scene. Epiphany offers a citrus, tropical fruit and pine blend which culminates in a delicious, juicy hop journey that your mouth will thank you for.

Epiphany is the new poster child for Maine IPA’s, offering a taste that not many will turn away. But the handcrafted brews don’t stop there, with twelve other beers on tap at Foundation, you can pretty much find a beer for everyone.

Foundation loves to try recipes from well outside the box of normal combinations. With that said Foundation Brewing Company is making waves in the brewing community and continues to boost Maine as a beer state.


Tornado – Tree House Brewing Company

Massachusetts is known for many different reasons, being the birthplace of the Revolutionary War, the land of horrible drivers, and of course, the home of Samuel Adams Beer, but a new brewery is ready to make a name for itself now. Tree House Brewing Company is writing a new beer history for Massachusetts with their rotational offerings and occasional offerings,

All of their products are wonderful, but it was their American Pale Ale, called Tornado(5.6% ABV) that swept me off my feet. This brew is a reminder of the Brimfield Tornado that swept through the Western Springfield area in 2011, leaving a path of destruction.

However, this brew does not have a destructive taste, actually quite the opposite. A pine note hits the tip of your tongue with your first sip and is then backed with a tropical and citrus taste that leaves you refreshed. The twist in this beer is its well-balanced taste of hops that leaves you asking for more.

Tree House Brewing didn’t stop there, they have also developed a wide variety of other great tasting beers. And they are constantly adding more.



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