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The Big 3: Beers From California, Utah and Arizona

The Big 3: Beers From California, Utah and Arizona


Hop Nosh IPA – Uinta Brewing Company  

If the Beehive State is on your list of next trips make sure to stop in and see Uinta Brewing Company; a mainstay in Utah beer with a 20-year reputation of creating great beer with local wildlife and terrain namesakes. This brewer is one of the few from Utah that have made it to nationwide distribution with the Hop Nosh IPA (7.0% ABV) becoming a favorite of IPA fans across the country.

This American IPA is refreshing and enjoyable to drink, as you pour the beer you’ll notice the light hazy orange color accompanied by a good amount of head. As the head fades this brew offers an ample amount of lacing and has the distinctive IPA aroma of bitter hops mixed with citrus, tropical fruit and a hint of pine. Take your first sip and relax into the bitterness of a hop forward IPA mixed with citrus and grapefruit followed by the sweet malt and a hint of pine. As the beer finishes you’ll be greeted with a hoppy aftertaste that leaves you looking for another sip. The Hop Nosh is a great brew no matter the time of year; it’s become a regular over the last couple of years for this reviewer.

This brew is one that will become a regular in your beer store runs; it’s a great BBQ brew with a refreshing taste that most beer drinkers will enjoy. Next time you’re out in Utah, make sure to stop by Uinta and taste a few of the other local favorites on tap, you certainly won’t be disappointed.


Pliny The Elder American Double/ Imperial IPA  – Russian River Brewing Company

When Pliny the Elder, brewed in Santa Rosa, is poured into a pint glass there is a slight haze within the gold amber beer.  Pliny sports a white head with excellent lacing.

The aroma is an IPA – citrus, pine, and hops. The taste is smooth, malty, with a strong hop quality and with a slightly bitter ending. Even with an 8.00% alcohol presence, the taste is in no way boozy and so Pliny the Elder has a way of catching you off guard when you are preparing to have a second. We at America Unraveled found this beer to be an exceptional DIPA.  It lived up to its reputation of being an awesome beer. We have chosen Pliny The Elder to be the number one beer in California.


Tower Station IPA – Mother Road Brewery

Tower Station has the quality of a western IPA. Brewed in Flagstaff, this is an unfiltered beer, and it pours a clear amber color with a white head. I prefer it right from the 16oz can that it comes in.

The aroma is citrus, orange, and  grapefruit with a clear hoppy presence. The taste is what separates this IPA from most IPA’s. There is a slight hops taste at the beginning with fruity mango and orange taste as you sit and sip this exceptional beer. I suggest if you haven’t tasted this top notch Arizona beer, do yourself a favor and try it.  America Unraveled feels Tower Station IPA (7.30% ABV) has to be the best beer in Arizona.

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