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Beer Tasting at America’s Favorite Brew Festivals

Beer Tasting at America’s Favorite Brew Festivals

 4. Powder Keg Beer and Chili Festival, Exeter, New Hampshire

Number four is the Powder Keg Beer and Chili Festival in Exeter, NH. It happens in October and is does seem like it could be a powder keg given the combination. Thankfully it is outside at the Swasey Park from 11-4.

There are forty plus breweries and over one hundred beers ranging from the well established Samuel Adams to the lesser known Stoneface Brewing Co. Admission is $30 with a designated driver ticket costing $15. The general admission covers eight beer samplings and unlimited chili from some very fine establishments. You even get to vote on the chili. This is the 5th annual and features live music to sample by.

3.  Brewgrass Festival, Asheville, North Carolina

Brewgrass Festival photo
Photo by anoldent

Number four on the list is the Brewgrass Festival in Asheville, NC. Asheville claimed the name The Beer City for four years. The fest has been going on for 20 years! The cost of a ticket is $55 with an $8 fee and $150 for VIP with $13.36 fee. The designated driver ticket is $25. Fifty-five local, regional and national breweries are represented here. The brew fest donates a portion of the proceeds to local nonprofits.

2.  Gettysburg Brew Fest, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The number 2 small brew fest is the Gettysburg Brew Fest in Gettysburg, PA. and it happens on Seminary Ridge in August. There is fifty plus of the best craft breweries from PA, the mid-Atlantic and across the US serving up a crafter’s heaven for three and a half hours. Chat with brewery representatives or compare notes with the roughly twenty-two hundred plus that may attend. Enjoy the unlimited sampling of more than one hundred thirty brews and ciders. Relax after the big tasting with great music and food trucks to snack from. Such a fun day. VIP tickets are $75; general admission are $48.76, and the designated driver ticket is $22.25.

1. The Yellowstone Beer Fest, Cody, Wyoming

Image via www.codyenterprise.com

The Yellowstone Beer Fest in Cody, WY comes in first and happens in July. The cost is $30.but for $35 you can get in at 2:30 instead of 3:00, and the event runs until 5 pm. This fest offers unlimited 7 oz sampling, food vendors and live music by Iron Butterfly of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida fame and the Young Dubliners.

There are limited release beers and some rare beers from award winning breweries in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, California, Illinois, Missouri, South Dakota, Hawaii, and Alaska. There are forty plus breweries and one hundred and fifty plus beers represented here. The nonprofit event raises money for local charities.

There’s Probably a Brew Fest Near You

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this trip across the country visiting various beer festivals. There are so many not mentioned due to obvious limitations. One enormous advantage to attending a brew fest is that it supports the burgeoning craft beer industry. Hey, a Brewfest road trip sounds like fun! Start in Maine and sample your way through the states. But if you can’t make the road trip, check around.  There is bound to be a brew fest near you. Taste, learn and be amazed. Prost!

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