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The Best 5 Holiday Shopping Towns in the US

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Time to Get Your Holiday Shopping Done! No reason to panic, but time is running out. Christmas is coming and have you started your Christmas shopping? Feel like you need a change of venue for some inspiration? Bored with your local choices and feeling uninspired? I may be able to help you out with that. […]

Christmas Celebrations at America’s Top Ten Living Museums

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Hunting for Christmas Past Starlit skies and candlelit paths, no cars, fresh air, wreaths and garland made with local greens and fruit in doorways and on window sills. The smell of cinnamon, cloves, ginger and a wood fire fill the air. Town folk dressed in period attire walk past. Some stop, chat and provide insight […]

Plymouth, Massachusetts: The Roots of Thanksgiving

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Many people in America credit the Pilgrims with inventing Thanksgiving, but did they? Apparently the idea of spending a day giving thanks to God stemmed from the days of the English Reformation. The newly formed Protestant church had only 27 holidays. The Catholic church had 95. The Catholic church holidays required church attendance, often meaning […]

America’s Ten Most Spookily Fun Halloween Celebrations

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Halloween Haunting Halloween is just around the corner and you are wondering what to do this year. Should you stay home and have friends in? Should you go to that same boring party you went to last year? Remember you went and tried to talk with a group, then finally caught on when they didn’t […]

Ranking Michigan’s State Universities: Here’s Our Top Ten

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You are looking at the public university system in your home state of Michigan because your parents are making you. California sounds better until you start looking at in-state tuition and what your home state has to offer. Now before you say it’s cheaper to go to school in California, remember, you would be out […]

Awesome College Choices in Alaska

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Alaska is a huge state with a lot of open space. The weather varies significantly from one area to the next and can be really harsh, making a trip to class a challenge. Alaska also recognizes the difficulties students face and works diligently to make post secondary education accessible to all who want it. The […]

The Many Sides of Labor Day

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Labor Day has always been an important day in my year. My mother taught me that I had to put away my white clothes on Labor Day as it wasn’t socially acceptable to wear white after Labor Day. The day marked the end of summer and the coming of fall, thus goodbye to my whites […]

Most Notable Higher Ed Institutions in New Mexico

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Did you know that New Mexico has some tremendous higher ed institutions, and that you can get a great deal on your education if you live in the state? Did you know there are a range of institutions that cater to a wide variety of passions and possible career aspirations? Case and point, the Institute […]

Beer Tasting at America’s Favorite Brew Festivals

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Beer is one of the oldest beverages we enjoy, dating back to at least 5th millennium BC. Chemical tests on pottery show beer was produced 7,000 years ago in what is now Iran. By the 7th century AD, beer was being produced and sold by European monasteries. In 5400 BC Asia began brewing beer in […]

The Top Ten Schools in the Texas Public University System

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I have heard it said that everything is big in Texas, and that may be true to a point, but here are ten fantastic college options in Texas that do not come with a huge price tag when compared nationally to other public universities. So read on and learn about all that Texas has to offer. […]

Check Out The 10 Most Unusual College Majors

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Over 20.2 million students attend American universities and colleges every year, but not everyone wants to use their college degree to score a financial gold mine in Wall Street or even a regular 9 to 5 desk job. The idea of sitting behind a computer crunching numbers for endless hours is soul crushing for some students […]

What Happens in Newport Stays in Newport: America’s Bachelorette Destination

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You have spent months, maybe years, planning your wedding. You have spent countless hours going over flowers, napkins, types of chairs, shoes and dresses for maids, moms, and you. At this point, you have stopped caring if Aunt Nan sits next to Uncle Harry, even if they may end up screaming at each other during […]

River Cruisin’ in the USA: Our 5 Favorite Ports

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I’m sitting quietly, watching TV and all of a sudden up pops an ad for a European river cruise.  The destinations look romantic, the scenery beautiful, the smiling couples taste wine and other local delicacies.  Wow, I want to go.  Actually, I did go and I loved it! The trip got me thinking about American […]

The True Birthplace of American Independence

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New Hampshire, Our Story of The Revolution. Everyone knows the story of Paul Revere’s ride and the “shot heard round the world” at the battle of Lexington and Concord, but did you know the first shot was actually fired in New Hampshire? That’s right, New Hampshire. And New Hampshire was hugely instrumental in helping this […]

Off to Camp: The 5 Most Interesting Summer Camps for Grown Ups

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Going To Camp Just Isn’t Like It Used To Be. Summer is here, and you have nothing exciting planned. Your friends are heading to exotic islands and far away places, and you are planning to work all summer, except to see fireworks on the 4th. Really? Come on. Stop sulking and sign up for summer […]

It’s Official, Summer’s Here! Explore our #1 Summer Destination for 2016

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Located on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan and at the mouth of the Black River is the lovely beach town of South Haven. The first inhabitants of South Haven were the Ottawa, Miami and Pottawattamie native Americans who called this place Ni-Ko-Nong or beautiful sunsets. Sailing ships and steamships have stopped here carrying raw […]

California’s 10 Leading State Universities

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So you applied to Stanford, and you didn’t get in. Don’t despair; the California State University System has a lot to offer and at a more affordable price. There are twenty-three campuses with eight off-campus centers throughout the state serving about four hundred and seventy-four thousand students and employing about forty-nine thousand faculty and staff. […]

What’s All The Fuss About Fall River?

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First, a little history. Fall River, Massachusetts, once the leading textile manufacturing center in the United States, has gone through years of struggle. Originally it was a site chosen by the Pokanoket Wampanoag Tribe for the abundance of water, and named by them for the small river that became steep falls which flowed into the […]

America’s Best Places to Live: San Marcos, Texas

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What makes San Marcos, Texas such a great place to live? It made the 2010 list of “Best Places to Raise your Kids” in Business Week magazine, it was also named the United States Census Bureau’s 2013 and 2014 fastest growing city, and was number 9 on the 2013 Business Insider’s list of “10 Most […]