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Alaska: Where is the Millennial Gold Rush?

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At the mention of Alaska my thoughts travel straight back to Jack London’s classic story of the tundra “Call of the Wild”.  In my mind’s eye, I can see the snow covered hills, rugged terrain, frozen glaciers and wild rivers.  And Buck, the dog. As far as I know, these things still exist in Alaska […]

Making Champions – The 6 States with the Most Olympic Athletes

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The Olympics have begun.  Every time I check the news I see a report on the US medal count.  It seems like we’re doing well so far.  Actually, we almost always do well. And that‘s because of our fabulous athletes. Talk about dedication – they give their lives over to their sports, training, planning, preparing […]

[Brew Series] Training America’s Next Brewers: The Top Brew Schools in the US

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There’s Nothing Like a Frosty Glass You love beer.  You love the recent explosion of micro and nano-brewed craft beer.  You’ve been brewing at home for ages.  Your dream is to open a microbrewery – but do you know how?  It seems like many people have been asking the same question. So many people that […]

A Bachelor’s Farewell Tour: Our Pick, Charleston, SC

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Who is a Bachelor, Anyway? So what, exactly, is the definition of a “bachelor”?  According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a bachelor is “a young knight who follows the banner of another” or “a person who has received a degree from a college, university, or professional school usually after four years of study”. What does this […]

America’s 10 Most Breathtaking Views (See For Yourself)

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You’re sitting at the movies watching the camera pan a spectacular landscape. You think “This is so beautiful, it must be photoshopped.”  Wrong. America has thousands of breathtaking landscapes. Many, like Diamond Head in Hawaii, have been photographed zillion times, but others are more so unknown to the masses. You may come upon them unexpectedly. […]

The Southern Maine Renaissance: Biddeford & Saco

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Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota are the famous “twin cities” of the US.  Don’t get me wrong; they are great cities, but they are not the only city twins in this country.  Enter Biddeford and Saco, Maine. Also known as Twins Located in York County, Biddeford and Saco are both separated and joined by the […]

The Top 10 SUNY Schools Ranked

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The State University of New York (SUNY) is the largest university system in the US. SUNY is comprised of 64 institutions of higher learning, which include some of the preeminent research universities, medical centers, and liberal arts colleges in the nation. Educating 463k students and with nearly 3 million alumni around the globe, SUNY clearly […]

Wedded Bliss: America’s 10 Most Idyllic Honeymoon Locations

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Choosing a wedding venue, planning a party for dozens or maybe hundreds of people, preparing to share your life with another person are all huge stressors. Oh and did I mention dealing with the in-laws? Never mind, we won’t go there. Wow, does this sound like fun?? Maybe not, but what should be the embodiment […]

Utica: The Oasis of the New York Thruway

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You’ve spent hours on the New York Thruway.  You are road-weary and hungry.  Up ahead, in the distance, you spy signs of civilization alongside a beautiful canal.  Is it a mirage?  No, it’s Utica. If you’re looking for a great vacation or just a respite from travel, you’re going to enjoy the riverside city of […]

Welcome to the Finest City on the Eastern Seaboard

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“How do I love thee, let me count the ways”.  This Elizabeth Barrett Browning quote flashes through my mind whenever I visit Portland, Maine. The bustling waterfront, art galleries, specialty shops, eateries and microbreweries lend Portland an air of culture, history, sophistication and physical beauty that cannot be found in any other small cities on the East […]

America’s Destinations: Ocean Park, Maine

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Baby boomers fantasize about their childhood summers – a time when the world slowed down with never ending days at the beach, playing outside with friends, ice cream cones, parades, time to relax and be silly, time to be a little kid. Summers of the 21st century seem to be burdened with the same frantic […]