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The 5 Most Nostalgic Baseball Parks in the US

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Take Me Out to the Ballgame. I have a few friends who have a goal to visit every major league ballpark in the U.S. and watch a game with the home team taking on a visiting team. I can appreciate this goal, but if you are like me and do not have the time nor […]

America’s Backbone: How Redmond Continues to Drive Progress in the Northwest

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There is a reason that Microsoft and Nintendo of America and numerous other prosperous businesses have called Redmond, WA home. It is without exception one of the best small cities in America to locate your business and here’s why: A Little Bit of History Having grown up in New England where my hometown was established […]

Bucket List: America’s Five Most Unforgettable (and fun!) Marathons

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Marathons have been around for thousands of years. If we believe the ancient story of the origin of the marathon, it was named after the fabled Greek Soldier Pheidippides who carried the message of Athens victory over Sparta from the battlefield of Marathon to the city of Athens. The distance between the battlefield and Athens […]

Carmel, IN: Raise Your Family in One of America’s Best Cities

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If you are looking for a five-star city to live in and raise a family, you have found it in Carmel, Indiana. Carmel is located right outside of Indianapolis. Some refer to it as a bedroom community of Indianapolis, but Carmel has a unique identity and is truly one of the fastest growing communities in […]

Providence, A Most Ideal College City

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Is your fantasy to attend college in an up and coming urban environment that focuses on the arts, has great restaurants and places to stay, oozes with activities, has an important place in American history and is close to the beach?  Does a place like this exist? You bet it does – we are talking […]

Why Portsmouth Is, Quite Possibly, the Most Magical City In America

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Embracing & discovering the enchantment of Portsmouth for the first time is to immerse yourself within one of the most undoubtedly unique experiences any city in America can offer. This is a city where “Art” is seriously considered as not just a city favorite activity, but an actual profession. This is a destination where Halloween […]