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Feeling Welcome: The Top 5 Colleges for Hospitality Studies

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Hospitality services have become a huge industry on a global scale, but it takes a lot of business studies, trend-seeking, travel and practical experience before someone goes from dishwasher to manager, or from bartender to Sommelier. Colleges that specialize in hospitality must offer a wide range of practical and experiential learning, and in-the-field connections so […]

Slalom: The Top Five Ski Areas in New England

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OK, so all of us had those friends in school that would go away for winter vacation, or spring break, and come back with all kinds of cool swag from the Rockies. They would rave about the unreal powder—it’s so deep, dry, fluffy, and blah, blah, blah. Right? All that talk might make a person […]

The Top Five Colleges for Environmental Education

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We use things learned in environmental education classes to do everything we do during the day, from choosing the correct receptacle for our refuse to how we navigate our way to work. What’s more, a lot of the decisions we make throughout the day create pollution. So, why isn’t everyone using energy sources in smarter […]

5 Best Oktoberfest Locations in the US

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The German tradition of Oktoberfest has been adopted by American cities all over, and thank goodness! What would we do if we had to fly to Germany every time we wanted to participate in Oktoberfest? German beer and drinking culture has a long history in America, since the first lager beer was brewed in America […]

How’s the Climate in La Crosse, WI: It’s Great for Business

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La Crosse is the largest city on the western edge of Wisconsin. It’s a great place to build a home and family, but few know why this unassuming Midwestern city has such a great climate for starting and growing businesses. A Brief History of La Crosse The first European visitors to La Crosse were French […]

New England’s 10 Best Amusement Parks

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Hang onto your hat, America. If you visit New England this summer, don’t miss the amusement parks. Whether you’re into high-velocity rides or a low-key family fun park, you will find it in the North East. Why does New England love it’s amusement parks so much? Long winters give residents a real carpe diem attitude about […]

Tailgating at America’s Best Country Music Fests

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A tailgate party is just like any old party but it’s held in a parking lot, with people gathered around the open tailgate of a vehicle or two. But real tailgating can occur with vehicles that, gasp, don’t even have tailgates. It’s as democratic as its birthplace, the United States. These days, it seems that […]

America By Rail: The Most Scenic Train Trips in the US

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“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” —David Mitchell, author of Cloud Atlas When the early settlers, businessmen, and explorers of America traveled far, they traveled by train. Although they were on the trains for days, they would use the time to write, observe the country and meet fellow travelers. In reality, they would engage in […]

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream at Strange Ice Cream (Flavors)

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Forget about chocolate and vanilla! Unless they’re covered in wasabi pea dust, they’re just so basic. New flavors of ice cream are being developed by your local fancy ice cream shop or gelateria every day. With 365 days in a year to try them all, how could anyone settle for the same old staples over […]

Here are the Top Ten Jazz Festivals in the US

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Jazz, as a musical genre, got its start amid African-American communities during the late 19th and early 20th century. And jazz has been played at many festivals since then. The typical American jazz festival has a few things at its heart: it occurs every year, brings in a variety of talent and types of jazz […]

Lancaster, Pennsylvania: Repositioned for the 21st Century

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In the market to plan an offbeat family vacation? If you haven’t heard much of Lancaster or have overlooked the city before this, you may want pinch yourself for missing an opportunity to visit a great city with lots of opportunities. Luckily, it’s never too late. Here’s why you may want to put Lancaster on […]

Cool Off On The 5 Best White Water Rafting Rivers

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What Makes White Water Rafting Special? White water rafting is the sport in which an inflatable raft is used to navigate a body of rushing whitewater or rough water. It’s a wonderful activity that combines the physical challenge of navigating the waves with the camaraderie of working as a team and the thrill of rushing […]

America’s #1 Place to Start a Business: Bethesda

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Bethesda, Maryland is a hotbed of new industry. Or perhaps you prefer the analogy of a petri dish of enterprise. Any which way you like to see it worded, there is something in the water of this mid-size city that makes it a community that nurtures commerce and isn’t afraid to finance business ventures of […]

Bismarck, ND: Top of America’s Public School Systems

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Welcome to Bismarck. Bismarck, the capital of North Dakota (and is the second most populous city in North Dakota after Fargo), is home to one great public school system. And either causally (because we doubt it is a coincidence) this is coupled with high livability, a thorough respect for education and a number of local […]

The Best Master-Planned City In America Resides Here In Texas

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A master planned community is a kind of residential community that includes a large number of recreational facilities like lakes, parks, jogging trails, bike trails and plush parks.The area of a master planned community is typically large and spread over acres of land, which is vastly different from a regular housing subdivision. The area of […]

New Mexico: Home to the most UNESCO Sites in the US

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New Mexico has more UNESCO Sites than any other state, which is pretty impressive when you understand the combination of natural phenomenon and cultural importance that must occur to create a site worthy of the UNESCO designation. In 1972, several international bodies united to create the World Heritage Convention. An agreement was drawn up to […]

Why Missoula Might Be America’s Top Millennial Destination

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 New Jersey may be the garden state, but Missoula is the beautiful Garden City in the rocky wilderness state of Montana. Looking for things to do and see in Missoula? Outdoor recreation, arts, and culture, attractions, historic buildings, and museums are all part of Missoula, and there’s always something to do in the city. Over […]

This Historic Connecticut City Is the Most Beautiful On the East Coast

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Norwich, Connecticut has quite a few characteristics that tie it to Britain, from the English place-name to the fact that it’s located in New London County, Connecticut, where three feeder rivers into one, called the Thames River. Norwich is about 13 miles upriver of the Thames. Now the big question is, does Norwich live up […]

Why Grants Pass Is the Best City to Live In Oregon

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Oregon is lucky to have so many towns, from the west to the east, with distinct character and natural vistas-everything from snow-capped mountains, to oceanic scenery, to tree-crowded islands occur in Oregon. But of all the historic villages and charming coastal towns, Grants Pass is surely the best city in Oregon to call home. When […]

The 10 Best Public Universities in New England

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New England has one of the best selections of universities and colleges in the world, and the public universities in particular are a stellar bunch. We chose our list of the 10 best public universities in New England based on the unique features of the campuses, the strength of their programs and their commitment to […]