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Co-founder of America Unraveled, editor, travel enthusiast.

This Is the Best Downtown In the Midwest

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Downtown Evanston, Illinois, has a high concentration of “creator” types, from artists and engineers, to technology designers and researchers. Downtown Evanston offers a safe and walkable environment that’s packed with entertainment options and small, sustainable businesses. With Northwestern University and gorgeous Lake Michigan views, culture galore, and social and economic diversity make Evanston the best […]

Why Ocala Is the Most Enchanting City In Florida

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Quite possibly one of the most enchanting destinations in the entire Southeastern United States, Ocala, beloved by residents and tourists alike, is a city in Florida surrounded by natural attraction and farmland. The history of this city, as well as the contemporary stature, provides an intricate tale behind the making of a great American destination. […]

America’s Adventure Capital – Ogden, Utah

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Thrill Seekers Delight. Ogden, arguably more than any other city, embodies the spirit of America’s wild past. Founded by trappers, Ogden is a city that exists on the boundaries of the storied frontier of our country’s history. Finally “tamed” in 1844, the city has since existed as a hub for northern Utah and a jumping […]

These Are America’s Most Irish Small Cities

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With St. Patrick’s Day only hours away, we thought it would be interesting to do some research into America’s Irish heritage, and highlight some smaller cities around the country that truly embody the Irish-American spirit. We all know major cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago have a high density of Irish-Americans in their population, and […]