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Life On Campus: The Top Five Dorms in the US

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A Short Introduction to Dorm Living Students have been living in dorms for centuries. Initially, student lodging was constructed near or around libraries for a couple of reasons. First, students were able to access the information necessary for learning more easily when in close proximity to it. And second, living a sequestered life in a […]

Fall is Here: Visit America’s Top Ten Country Fairs

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What Is a Country Fair? In the US, fall is the season that is most associated with the harvest, making the season one of the most popular times for country fairs as well. Like their name suggests, country fairs are local events that provide residents with an annual chance to show off some of their […]

Leaf Peeping Locations: Here Are Our Top Ten in the US

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Leaf Peeping? Really? Leaf peeping – it sounds rather scandalous, but most Americans know it’s nothing of the sort. Instead, it is a playful name for the practice of visiting places where the foliage changes color in the fall. The views are often breathtaking and the local atmosphere can provide interested individuals with plenty of […]

Where Can You Find America’s Finest Food Truck Cuisine?

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Sick of cafeteria food? Done with the fast food restaurants? Nothing in the fridge for lunch? Go find the food trucks! Why Are Food Trucks Increasingly Popular? Food trucks are becoming more and more popular throughout the United States for a number of reasons. First, a lot of food trucks specialize in providing filling fare […]

How UMass Lowell is becoming America’s Most Affordable University

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What Is UMass Lowell? As the name suggests, UMass Lowell is a public university in Lowell, Massachusetts that belongs to the University of Massachusetts system. It has risen from humble beginnings to become one of the most respected institutions in the state, and in recent times, it has been rising higher still by making its […]

Why Wenatchee Is the Best City In the Entire State of Washington

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Found in north-central Washington, the city of Wenatchee is a wonder made possible by its natural fertility as well as its man-made improvements. Situated on the west side of the Columbia River close to where it meets the Wenatchee River in the foothills of the Cascade Range, it has always been a sight to see. […]

This Is America’s #1 Most Up-and-Coming City

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Given its rather unusual name, it should come as no surprise to learn that there is a tale to be told about how Flagstaff, Arizona came by its name. Back in the 1870s, stories about Arizona’s fertile farmland as well as its hospitable climate were spreading throughout New England. In 1876, these stories convinced Bostonian […]