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America’s Best Places to Live: San Marcos, Texas

America’s Best Places to Live: San Marcos, Texas

What makes San Marcos, Texas such a great place to live? It made the 2010 list of “Best Places to Raise your Kids” in Business Week magazine, it was also named the United States Census Bureau’s 2013 and 2014 fastest growing city, and was number 9 on the 2013 Business Insider’s list of “10 Most Exciting Small Cities In America.”

Could it be the rich cultural background of the roughly 50,000 residents, moderate climate, variety of educational options, beautiful natural resources, active downtown or wide variety of places to eat, stay and play? Likely. It is a unique and special place with much to offer those who stop by or live here.

A Brief History of San Marcos

San Marcos TX photo
Photo by StuSeeger

Twelve thousand years ago, San Marcos was home to the original residents of the western hemisphere, the Clovis Indians.

They chose the area because of the climate (average high is 79.5 and average low is 57.25 degrees, with approximately 17 inches of rain and 300 days of sun yearly), the abundance of wildlife, the pure waters of the San Marcos River, Spring Lake, Blanco river and multiple creeks, the beauty of the blackland prairie and the grassy rolling hills and forest that border San Marcos.

Current residents of the pretty southwestern town have diverse ethnic backgrounds including Hispanic, African-American, German, Anglo and other influences that have impacted the food, culture and architecture making it a rich and vibrant city.

A Most Ideal Location

By WisdomFromIntrospect - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5505869
By WisdomFromIntrospectOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Easy to reach, San Marcos lies thirty miles south of Austin and forty-seven miles north of San Antonio on Interstate 35. It is close to two international airports, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and San Antonio International Airport, and has its own municipal airport, the San Marcos Regional Airport.

This public use airport was originally part of the Gary Air Field and still houses the Central Texas Wing of the Commemorative Air Force and a vintage aircraft museum.




  1. Hey Liz, The Clovis people were in San Marcos over 12,000 years ago, not 1,200 years ago. The Clovis people also didn’t stay here for long periods of time, there were many different cultures that have been through the area at different times.


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