Home Cities A Bachelor’s Farewell Tour: Our Pick, Charleston, SC

A Bachelor’s Farewell Tour: Our Pick, Charleston, SC

A Bachelor’s Farewell Tour: Our Pick, Charleston, SC

Hit the Beach

Exhausted after a night out in Charleston?  You might want to just hit the beach for some sun and surf before the next part of the festivities.  For a day at the beach, try Kiawah Beachwalker Park or the beautiful Folly Beach with its many restaurants or even Isle of Palms County Park.  Don’t forget the sunscreen.

Man Does Not Live by Bread Alone

Image via www.coastbrewing.com/
Image via www.coastbrewing.com/

So thank goodness for microbreweries.  And Charleston is loaded with them.  The entire bachelor party could be spent visiting the microbreweries.  The end result might be ugly, but you would have fun getting there.  Here are a few of the breweries: Coast Brewing Company, Freehouse Brewing Company, Palmetto Brewing Company, Tradesman Brewing Company, whew, that is the tip of the iceberg.  You can take tours, sample brews, etc. etc.

You might also consider visiting a few distilleries while you’re at it.  There are several in town, but a sweet vodka tea at the Firefly Distillery may be the perfect way to end a day at the beach.  Or you could sample some local concoctions at High Wire Distilling.  Just remember what your mother told you and don’t mix your liquors!

Are You Hungry Yet?

Time for some guy food.  Something real and manly, like burgers at the Carolina Ale House or Chick’s Fry House.  Isn’t South Carolina known for its barbecue?  Nick’s Bar-B-Q or Poogan’s Smoke House could satisfy your need to eat something local and hot.  By the way, barbecue goes great with beer!

And So, What to Do on Your Last Night?

I would begin at the Alley, with its bowling lanes and pinball machines.  Then a drink or two at the Cocktail Club, where you might consider your future matrimonial state.  Wrap your last free night up at the downtown Market Street Saloon, watching the bar top entertainment.  Don’t tell your bride.

Have Fun, But Make it Out Alive

Some rights reserved by Ken Lund

A Charleston experience can solidify your relationships with friends.  You’ll probably be swapping stories about your adventure for many years. Have fun with your bros, but not too much fun.  Married life can be fun, too, just in different way and you want to survive to experience it.

Featured image by Ken Lund – Some rights reserved.



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