Home Cities A Bachelor’s Farewell Tour: Our Pick, Charleston, SC

A Bachelor’s Farewell Tour: Our Pick, Charleston, SC

A Bachelor’s Farewell Tour: Our Pick, Charleston, SC

Who is a Bachelor, Anyway?

So what, exactly, is the definition of a “bachelor”?  According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a bachelor is “a young knight who follows the banner of another” or “a person who has received a degree from a college, university, or professional school usually after four years of study”.

What does this have to do with an unmarried man?  Geoffrey Chaucer was one of the first authors to refer to an unmarried man as a bachelor back in the 14th Century.  And this may come as a shock, particularly to the bride, but the tradition of a bachelor party has historical roots.  Long ones. Just ask the Spartans.  They celebrated the end of bachelorhood with a toast to their comrade.

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Past generations of Western European best men planned “stag” or “buck” parties for their soon to be wed friends.  These may have involved a bit of carousing and frivolity, usually the evening before the wedding. Nice. How things have changed.

How Do Bachelors Celebrate their Final Days of Freedom Today?

Modern bachelor parties in the US have become much more complicated affairs.  At one time, only the groomsmen attended the bachelor party. Now, not only groomsmen, but friends and family members, such as the fathers of the bride and groom, are also invited.  Often, the parties extend over a weekend or several days.  They generally take place at a fun destination that has amenities geared toward the interests of the groom and his last days of freedom from his wife’s influence.

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As a matter of fact, the most common component at all US bachelor parties is the complete absence of the bride. Ladies, just be thankful.

A Trip to the Holy City

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Relax, bachelors, we’re not talking about the Vatican.  Charleston is also known as the Holy City, because historically, its founding fathers believed in religious tolerance.  Based on the vast number of churches and houses of worship evident today, it would seem that tolerance continues to exist.

So why is Charleston, South Carolina our number one choice for a bachelor party in 2016?  Simply put, it has all of the ingredients necessary for a fabulous party.  Plus, it’s beautiful.  Please take the time to notice that, men.

First, A Place to Rest Your Head

By AudeVivere (Photo by User:AudeVivere) [CC BY-SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons
By AudeVivere (Photo by User:AudeVivere) [CC BY-SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons
So you may need a place to rest, eventually, and maybe your groomsmen decided to splurge and rent a place from the Cottages at Charleston Harbor.  The Restoration Hotel puts you in a prime spot to enjoy the center of Charleston as does the Harbourview Inn.  But if you are on a budget, you can always stay at the Town and Country Inn and Suites.  These are not the only accommodations in town, by the way.  Charleston is known for its hospitality and fine hotels!

Outdoor Sports, Anyone?

If the groom is a sportsman, he can take his pick of golf, kayaking, biking or sailing in Charleston.  Local golf courses include the Dunes West Golf Club, Seabrook Island Crooked Oaks Golf Course and Kiawah Ocean Course.  There are many more, but be sure to call ahead to reserve your tee time.

Imagine the sound of paddles hitting water as you move through a black-water swamp.  Peering through the Spanish moss, you catch a glimpse of movement in the water.  Is it a dolphin or an alligator?  Every bachelor party needs some excitement in nature.  Canoeing or kayaking could be just the thing. Actually, you probably want to try a guided tour from Coastal Expeditions or Charleston Outdoor Adventures.  The bride wants you back in one piece.


How about a fishing charter?  You might even catch the bachelor dinner entree. Nothing like fresh redfish, flounder or sea trout. Hopefully, one of you can cook.  Give the Charleston Angler a buzz and have them line up a fishing trip.



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