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These Are the 10 Most Educated Cities in the US

These Are the 10 Most Educated Cities in the US

Pursuing an advanced degree in some cities is part of pursuing the American dream; more students are choosing to continue living in the cities they graduate from.

With so many 18-24 year old students striving towards two and four year degrees, we are seeing that these same students are choosing to stay in the cities and towns where they’ve received their degrees, bolstering local economies and contributing a certain vibrancy to the community.

The most educated cities in the US are the cities where a high percentage of the population hold Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Additionally, we find the most educated cities tend to be associated with prominent universities and colleges in the city or greater metropolitan area.

Without further ado, here are the 10 most educated cities in the US.

10. Newton, MA

Lincoln Street
Photo By John Phelan – Own work, CC BY 3.0

Ranked as one of the best cities to live in by Money Magazine, Newton is a top destination for students and it shows.

According to Forbes Magazine, about 75% of people living in Newton have a Bachelor’s degree. The city has proximity to many Boston colleges, including Harvard University, Boston College, Boston University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Because of the abundance of higher education institutions, there are ample reasons why this is a premiere destination for the academically inclined to reside.

The city also has top healthcare and finance industries drawing in more Americans with advanced degrees.

Newton is located in Middlesex County, about 7 miles west of Boston and has about 85,000 residents. It’s also noted as being one of the quietest and safest neighborhoods with good schools, convenient access to light rail, commuter rail, and bus service. It was also voted by Money Magazine as one of the best small American cities to live in.

9. Menlo Park, CA

Menlo Park CA photo
Photo by kla4067

Menlo Park is an area where an astonishing 70% of residents have an advanced degree. With about 32,000 residents, Menlo Park is a city located in San Mateo County in the San Francisco Bay area. It borders with Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, San Francisco Bay, and Stanford. It was also ranked by CNN as one of the best places for the rich and single to live.

8. Lansing, MI

Lansing MI photo
Photo by Jan Davis Ruthig

Lansing has made Forbes top 10 list of the most educated cities. The area has over 114,000 residents and is a thriving hub of professionals with advanced degrees.

The Lansing-East Lansing Metropolitan Area, including the counties of Clinton, Ingham and Eaton, is known as Mid-Michigan, and boasts of having many of the top medical, dental, nursing and law schools.


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