Home College Towns The Top 10 Colleges Least Likely to Vote for Donald Trump

The Top 10 Colleges Least Likely to Vote for Donald Trump

The Top 10 Colleges Least Likely to Vote for Donald Trump

4. Reed College

If the political affiliations of its alumni are any indication, Reed College can be considered the single most liberal institution of its kind in the United States, followed by other names on this list such as Grinnell and Oberlin.

Little surprise considering that the students at the college were willing to stand up for a member of its faculty who had been victimized by Joseph McCarthy as far back as the 1950s, which was a stark contrast to the experiences of other professors throughout the country who had been victimized by the same.

Now, Reed College remains a liberal institution with a relaxed culture that is nonetheless committed to academic excellence, as shown by its support of sustainable practices as well as its permissiveness of drug use. It should come as little surprise then that Reed College is not inclined to listen to either Trump or Trump’s supporters in this presidential election.

3. Sarah Lawrence College

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Established as a place where women can get an education back in the days when doing so was socially frowned-upon, Sarah Lawrence College has a well-founded reputation for being willing to stand up for what its students see as deserving causes.

Even before the World Wars, its students were volunteering to lend a helping hand to the poor. During both the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War, its students were active participants in political activities.

Now, its students remain strong supporters of everything from increased economic equality to sexual rights, thus cementing Sarah Lawrence College’s status as a bastion of liberal thought in the nation. Unsurprisingly, these things also cement Sarah Lawrence College’s opposition to the GOP in recent presidential elections as well as the one that is currently underway.

2. The Evergreen State College

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The state of Seattle as a whole is known for its liberalism as well as its interest in protecting the environment, making it no coincidence that The Evergreen State College is known for both.

In fact, a recent survey conducted for Niche in 2014 concluded that it was the single most liberal institution of its kind in the United States; perhaps its organic farm as well as its general interest in environmentalism cemented this rare & unique status.

Politically, The Evergreen State College leans leftwards as well, so much so that it even has a Socialist Alternative club in this day and age, though other more mainstream clubs are available as well.

Summed up, it seems probable that students at The Evergreen State College would rather vote for Bernie Sanders, or in lieu of him, Hilary Clinton, than Donald Trump.

1. University of Michigan

university of michigan students photo
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Ann Arbor is one of the most liberal college towns in the United States, so it should come as no surprise to learn that the University of Michigan is one of the most liberal colleges in the same.

For an example of Ann Arbor’s politics, consider how it has been willing to house Syrian refugees running from the long-running conflict.

Similarly, for proof of the University of Michigan’s left-leaning politics, see the recent Democratic primary in which Bernie Sanders managed to beat expectations by winning the state of Michigan, which can be credited in large part to University of Michigan students as well as their political activities.

People who are familiar with either Ann Arbor or the University of Michigan found neither one particularly surprising, seeing as how these events are but recent manifestations of a long and proud history of progressivism in both places.

Partly, this is because Ann Arbor has always been a multicultural place where people of many different cultures came together, thus contributing to a recognition for the need for human rights, and later, a similar recognition for the need for increasing environmentalism. These stances are in stark contrast to Trump’s stated policies, which are isolationist at best.

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