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The Top 10 Colleges Least Likely to Vote for Donald Trump

The Top 10 Colleges Least Likely to Vote for Donald Trump

7. Portland State University

While the state of Oregon is a mix of Democrats and Republicans, the city of Portland is famous for being not just a Democratic stronghold but also a bastion of liberal values in the state.

Since Portland State University draws like-minded people from throughout the state of Oregon as well as much of the surrounding region, it should come as no surprise to learn that they share many of those same values.

Proof of these values can be seen in the campus’s diverse makeup, its commitment to sustainable practices, as well as its support for Democratic nominees in recent presidential elections.

Judging by recent trends in Portland State University, the city of Portland, and even the state of Oregon, it seems probable that the institution’s support for Democrats will not be wavering anytime soon.

6. Bard College

Bard College photo
Photo by bobistraveling

Although Bard College was named for its founders rather than the kind of performer, it is fortuitous that it has become a strong center of the arts. For example, it is home to the Center for Curatorial Studies and Art in Contemporary Culture, which focuses on the study of art from the 1960s to the present.

Similarly, it is home to Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts, which hosts everything from concerts to dance, theater, and opera.

Combined with Bard College’s diverse makeup, these arts institutions have established its status as one of the leading private liberal arts colleges in the United States as well as one of the leading left-leaning colleges in the same, neither one of which would suggest fertile ground for Republican rhetoric in this particular presidential election.

5. Oberlin College

Oberlin College photo
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Oberlin College can claim the honor of having been the first such institution in the United States to let in female students as well as black students on a regular basis in addition to white male students.

Since then, the college has continued to champion progressive causes, with its students having belonged to both the civil rights movement and the LGBT movement.

Even now, its students continue to march in support of what they consider to be worthwhile causes as the world continues to change around all of us.

Given its acceptance of both racial and sexual minorities as well as its commitment to other left-leaning causes, Oberlin College is unlikely to be receptive to Trump, who draws much of his support from the angriest segment of the Republican base.



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