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The Top 10 Colleges Least Likely to Vote for Donald Trump

The Top 10 Colleges Least Likely to Vote for Donald Trump

Barring shenanigans on the part of the GOP establishment that would cost them the election as well as the support of a significant part of their base, it seems probable that Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee for this presidential election.

However, it remains to be seen whether he will be able to expand his coalition to the extent needed to overcome his Democratic counterpart, though considering his rhetoric so far, it seems improbable.

At the least, he won’t be able to make much headway with these 10 colleges, which boast long-established liberal leanings…

10. Skidmore College

saratoga springs skidmore photo
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Even now, its stance can be seen in the racial and gender protections that serve to maintain a tolerant and open-minded campus by encouraging a welcoming atmosphere for all of its students, as well as a strong commitment to sustainable practices in coordination with its surrounding stakeholders.

Considering some of Trump’s statements on the campaign trail, it seems certain that he as well as the members of his coalition will clash with the overall sentiments of Skidmore College.

9. Grinnell College

Grinnell College is known primarily for two things.

First, it is known for its rigorous academics. Second, it is known for its social responsibility.

Evidence for these two things can be seen in Grinnell College’s off-campus programs, which range from internships in professional settings to study tours in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Further evidence can be seen in the sheer number of service organizations that can be found on-campus.

In fact, Grinnell College has one of the highest alumni per capita serving in the Peace Corps in the nation, which speaks volumes about whether its students are willing to live up to the promise of their words.

Given its stated stance as well as the commitments of its students to that stance, Grinnell College is not exactly the most welcoming environment for Trump’s aggressive and even outright hostile rhetoric towards other countries.

8. Carleton College

Carleton College photo
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In recent times, Carleton College has been named one of the United States’s most sustainable colleges.

In fact, it was actually named a College Sustainability Leader in the “College Sustainability Report Card 2008,” which examined 200 such institutions in both the United States and Canada.

Unsurprisingly, Carleton College possesses other liberal leanings as well, which were made clear in a simple but unchallengeable manner in previous presidential elections.

Whatever John McCain and Mitt Romney’s personal opinions, neither one was willing to go as far as Donald Trump already has, meaning that Carleton College’s choice for the 45th President of the United States is clear.



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