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10 Best Small Colleges in Pennsylvania

10 Best Small Colleges in Pennsylvania

There are many prospective students who are seeking the intimacy of a small college. The Keystone State, also known as Pennsylvania, has a plethora of excellent small colleges that are worth taking a look at. Here are the top ten picks by America Unraveled:

10. Haverford College

Haverford College is a private, coeducational liberal arts school located in Haverford, Pennsylvania. Haverford is actually a suburb of Philadelphia.

The college was founded in 1833 by the Quakers. Today the College has no religious affiliation, but the Quaker philosophy still is an influence on the campus. Haverford is a member of the Tri-College Consortium which enables students to register for courses at both Bryn Mawr College and Swarthmore College. It is also a member of the Quaker Consortium which enables students to cross-register at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Some rights reserved by roger4336

The Honor Code is a unique standard at Haverford College. It applies to academics, but it also applies to the rules of behavior at the school. Student government officers administer the Code, and all academic matters are heard by student juries. Every student is required to sign a pledge agreeing to the Honor Code.

As for academics, in 2016 “U.S. News and World Report” ranked Haverford as the 12th best liberal arts college in the nation. “Forbes” ranked Haverford 23rd among all colleges and universities in its “Top Colleges” edition. “College Prowler” gave the school an A+ overall rating, an A+ for academics and an A- for campus quality.

The acceptance rate is 25%. Haverford offers a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree and there are 31 majors including the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and the Humanities.

Haverford is located 3 miles west of Philadelphia. There is a direct connection from Haverford to downtown Philadelphia by rail. The Campus is within walking distance of many food marts, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, and Suburban Square, which has numerous retail outlets, farmer markets, and restaurants.

Approximately 99% of all students live on campus. Students live in dormitories, apartments, and themed houses. There are a number of different groups and activities available for students to participate in, ranging from acapella singing groups to athletics. There are numerous free concerts, and what are known as the “traditional” events such as Ben and Jerry’s Bingo, Bowling Night Midnight Cheesesteak Run, and many arts and theater opportunities in Philadelphia. These are just a few opportunities that await all the students at Haverford College.

Haverford competes athletically at the Division III level in the Centennial Conference. Haverford has the only varsity Cricket team in the United States. Cross country and track and field are where Haverford excels. There are soccer teams, fencing teams, basketball teams and a women’s softball team.

The current enrollment at Haverford College stands at 1,233 students. Tuition and fees total $51,024., with room and board adding $15,466.  Fifty-one percent of all full times students receive financial aid. The average total indebtedness at graduation is $19,534. The average need-based scholarship or grant award is $45,390. The average starting salary upon graduation $38,000.

Haverford offers a unique college experience on campus, in the classroom and preparing for your future.

9. Albright College

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Some rights reserved by albrightgarden

Albright College is a private, co-educational, liberal arts college affiliated with the United Methodist Church. It was founded in 1856 and is located in Reading, Pennsylvania. The school has a total enrollment of 2,272 students on a suburban campus.

The most popular majors are Business, Marketing and Related Support Services, Psychology, Social Sciences, Visual and Performing Arts, and Computer Science. There is a very active student life on campus, including fraternities and sororities.

The Volunteer Center is a place where students contribute hundred of hours of service to the college and the wider community. The center is designed to help students find short-term projects that match their interests and their schedules.

The hallmark of an Albright education is a collaborative approach to learning, and there are numerous opportunities for internships, community service, and other opportunities that enable students to apply their ongoing education in a real world experience. The January Interim Term provides an opportunity for students to travel abroad, conduct intensive research, pursue artistic endeavors, and to do service projects between the fall and spring semesters.

Albright has been recognized as one of the 25 best colleges for artistic students. There are numerous clubs and organizations that assist students to get involved in the ongoing campus life. The Albright Lions compete in the NCAA Division III athletics.

Tuition and fees for Albright College is $41,544. With Room and Board costing $11,188.  Eighty-nine percent of full-time undergraduates receive some kind of need-based financial aid, and the average need-based scholarship or grant award is $28,762. The average total indebtedness of the 2015 graduating class was approximately $30,901. The average starting salary upon graduation is $38,000.


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